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re: Section 3. – Recruiting and the Initiate Phase

Article 4. Recruiting.

A maximum of 10 initiates are in the guild at any given time. This initial trial period is their primary opportunity to become approved by a member. The trial period will last a minimum of 1 week, but no more than 30 days. Obtaining 3 votes is the key component to becoming a true devoted member of the Warcraftier. If, after 30 days, they have not yet received 3 positive votes, the leadership will make the decision to either extend the probation period, or to release the initiate.

4.1) You need to submit an Application:

Submitting your application indicates that you have read and agree with this Guild Charter.

If you break any part of the charter during your trial process you will be dismissed and your application will be terminated.

4.2) Be yourself:

We want to get to know you. The real you. :P A good fit is ensured by a proper knowledge of each other by both sides.

4.3) Trial Period:

After having your application submitted at the forums, you will be given a trial invite. At this time you will be labeled as a "initiate" and will be subject to the following limitations:

As an initiate you:

- Will not benefit from the Warcraftier Bank (except for repairs).

- Will not benefit from Raid looted items unless ok'd by the master looter. However, please don't be shy about expressing interest in loot that you could use.

- Will not speak for or represent Warcraftier in any medium (forums, in game, etc).

Your trial period lasts up to (30) days, but you may be approved at any time after the 1 week period.

During your trial, it is highly encouraged you put extra effort into raid attendance, play time and helping your fellow members and initiates.

At any time you may earn your way to the rank of member, and no longer be a squire. Your trial does not need to last 30 days, your effort counts!

Utilizing and participating in the forums is highly encouraged as well.

4.4) Recruitment Restrictions:

Often times we will recruit only specific classes. If that is the case a post at the left side of the website will tell you which classes we are/aren't accepting. There are two ways to bypass these restrictions.

Extremely skilled players are let in based on merit and skill. To be deemed extremely skilled you must demonstrate a solid knowledge of your class and put forth a sincere effort in showing all of your abilities.

You are subject to the same restrictions as any of the other recruits and same due process.

Real Life family and friends are let in as social members based on a few characteristics:

- Must be a full member (Member or higher) to let in RL family/friends.

- Family/friends are let in at any level regardless of current class restrictions or limitations.
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