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re: Addon: Master Plan

Master Plan modifies some aspects of the Garrison Missions UI to make it easier to figure out what you want to do, and can both suggest and complete parties to maximize mission rewards; see below for details.

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Bug reports and feature suggestions are welcome, preferably using the ticket tracker.

Available Missions tab
* A more compact layout for the available missions list fits more missions on screen, and shows you the mission's threats, as well as some suggested groups and their expected results, allowing you to quickly select the party for the mission.
* Missions can be sorted by a number of parameters, including success chance, follower XP gain, mission expiration time, duration, or level.
* The number of idle, idle (level 100 epic), working, and away-on-missions followers is displayed next to the garrison resources on this tab.

Mission detail page
* The follower list is sorted to move followers with counters the mission's threats to the top, and double-clicking a follower's portrait allows you to add/remove that follower from the party. Followers away on missions display they remaining mission time directly in the list.
* Several suggested groups can be viewed and quickly selected by hovering over the LFG eye in the mission header. If you've already selected some followers, suggestions will also include ways to complete your party.
* Closing the mission page using the minimize button, or navigating away from the tab will save the current party as a tentative party.
* If you return to the mission before closing the Garrison UI, the tentative party will be there waiting.
* In other missions, the tentative party members appear with a "In Tentative Party" status. You can still add them to another mission by right-clicking them and selecting "Add to party", though doing this dissolves the tentative party they were in.

Missions of interest tab
* A list of certain high-reward missions, showing you the party that would counter most of the mission's threats, ignoring follower item levels and levels.
* Followers that are under-geared or under-levelled for the missions are displayed in red.
* You can click a follower icon to jump directly to that follower's details page, where you can upgrade their gear.
* Switching to the Missions of interest tab while holding ALT allows suggested groups to include inactive followers.

Active Missions tab
* The Active Missions tab displays a list of all missions your followers are currently on, showing the followers on each mission, success probabilities, and the bonus rewards.
* When you click the "Complete All" button, Master Plan can expedite mission completion, allowing you to complete all missions in one click.
* You can hold ALT while clicking "Complete Missions" to complete all missions using the default UI, or disable the expedited mission completion entirely.
* Or you can click individual missions to complete them using the default UI.
* For missions completed using Master Plan's expedited completion, a summary of follower XP, levels, and loot gained (including salvage) will be displayed at the end of the mission report.
* You can hold ALT while clicking "Done" on this dialog to close it without removing completed missions from the Active Missions list.

Followers tab
* A summary of all primary threats and follower traits is shown at the top of the Followers tab of the garrison Missions and Report windows.
* You can upgrade your followers' gear by clicking on the Weapon/Armor slots and selecting the desired upgrade item, without having to open your bags.
* Followers that are currently away on mission display the remaining mission time in their status.
* Followers can be ignored via their right-click menu. Ignored followers will not be sent on missions by Master Plan, and are sorted with, and appear similar to Working followers in follower lists.[/img]

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