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re: Section 5. – Banks and the “Need Before Greed” Philosophy

Article 6. Guideline to "Need Before Greed & the WC Banker System"

6.1- Need before Greed:

To me, it is to let members have items that do not pertain to my class. Be it armor not built for me, or an item that doesn't benefit me directly.

I consider the needs of other members, before the needs of myself.

I seek only the things that would be greatly better then what I currently possess.

If there is someone in the group with a mutual need. I consider asking them firstly before I roll on the item. 99% of the time, an agreement can be decided, and no one need feel left out by the luck of the roll.

I let things no one in the group needs go “Up For Grabs" Or UFG... so that a member may benefit. If no members in the guild need it, then it becomes enchanting materials for our enchanters.

I do not expect members to give all they own to others, I do not expect complete selflessness.

I personally do not approve of selling items to members for any means of profit. It is like stealing from your own family. You might be gaining, but they are losing, and this is not beneficial to the guild. However discounted from AH prices it may be, it is rude in my eyes.

My personal practice as a blacksmith is that all items are free to guild members, the only time it may cost is if materials were bought from the auction house, or from vendors. I never factor the cost of gathering the materials, and I highly encourage members to gather the things I need to build what they need.

I fully understand the need many have especially at 40, for their first mount, and secondly at 60 for their epic mount. All other things primarily can only be acquired in group in person.

To that end, need before greed is letting rogues have the daggers even though you can wield one

Need before greed is letting someone else take the sword that is only 2 or 3 dps more then yours.

Need before greed is passing on a set item when you received one just earlier on the same raid.

6.2- The Warcraftier Banker. All members must give in order to take.

Warcraftier’s Bank (Wcraidbank) is a character dedicated as a guild bank and guild crafting material donation repository.

Members may borrow gold from Wcraidbank, and may occasionally get other things based on availability.

Warcraftier’s Bank can be used for the following.

- Tradeskill materials bought from the AH to be used for guild members.

- Methods of donating to money and or items to the Banker.

Auctionable Items: Any items you send will be put on the auction house if they are worth auctioning.

Gold: This is the simplest way to donate. All money sent to the Banker is used for guild and member needs. It is encouraged that members donate regularly, though this is NOT required.
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