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re: Section 1. – Conduct and Corrective Measures

The purpose of this document is to provide all members of Warcraftier with an understanding of what we expect from our members as far as conduct, behavior, and in game actions are concerned. Upon joining Warcraftier, members acknowledge and agree to operate within the bounds set forth by this document. This document encompasses the actions of all levels of the membership. The Warcraftier leadership reserves the right to alter and/or change this document at any time; members should always be familiar with the basic concepts expressed in this document.

Article 1. Member Conduct

1.1- Members of Warcraftier (WC) must exercise patience and maturity in game and forum. Your conduct represents every other member of the WC; it should be a goal to set a positive example both to other members and to all those watching you in Cenarion Circle.

1.2- Members are encouraged to roleplay in all aspects of the game, roleplaying in guild chat is accepted but not enforced. Guild Chat is OOC.

1.3- Members of WC must comply with the commands given to them by WC leadership (Raid Leads), to the best of their ability.

1.4- Members of Warcraftier shall not attack nor otherwise harass fellow Warcraftier members or members of the general online gaming community. Especially concerning loot, random rolls, and raids. Excessive petitioning for handouts or gold is both not necessary and an example of harassment.

1.5- Members of Warcraftier shall not cheat, nor exploit in any way, any online gaming application. WoW's Terms of Service (TOS) and EULA (End User License Agreement) carry the same weight within Warcraftier as they do within the game; Warcraftier members shall comply with all TOS's.

1.6- Members of Warcraftier shall not use sexual innuendo or otherwise to sexually harass fellow Warcraftier members in-game or in forum.

Ex: Engaging in excessive unwanted sexual advances.

Members found to be engaged in such activity will be immediately removed from Warcraftier, and reported for harassment.

1.7- Members of WC will not use excessive foul language, derogatory terms, or RL racist, political, place of origin, or generally discriminatory language/material (except of course against the other faction! ;P)

1.8- Members of Warcraftier shall not "grief" or otherwise cause harm to any member of WoW while "in-game", through unfair or questionable gaming tactics.

1.9- Members of WC shall not "spam" or "troll" public or private gaming forums while representing WC.

1.10- Imagery and/or quotations deemed extremely controversial and/or political/religious in nature shall not be used in Warcraftier's forums, whether it be in forum signatures or forum posts.

1.11- Members of Warcraftier shall not discuss nor share information from our private forums with any non-member or in any forum that is not authorized by the Warcraftier Leadership.

1.12- Members must remain Active in the guild. Exhibiting at least a forum presence by posting, or an in game presence, or have a POSTED reason why they are not around.

1.13- Warcraftier Forum Avatars may be no larger then 300x350 pixels

1.14- It is a member's responsibility to read the charter regularly for changes, and to properly challenge any concerns over the rules of the charter in order to potentially improve it.

1.15- Abuse of membership is not tolerated.

(Ex: Threatening to leave the guild or “else”)

Article 2: Corrective Measures of Warcraftier

2.1- Any member that has a problem with fellow guild member or non-guild member is encouraged to be resolve it at the source (i.e. talk to each other!).

2.2- If a member feels unable to speak to the problem member, they may, at any time (sooner being preferable to later) report this issue to an officer to discuss the problem and potential resolution.

2.3- No Warcraftier member is to “/ignore” another member. If you have a problem with another member, address it with the guild officers.

2.4- Strike System: These are the disciplinary and corrective measures officers use, and members may recommend, when dealing with various problems.

Warnings: Officers may give out verbal warnings to correct member transgressions, multiple warnings will become strikes. Warnings are issued for negative attitudes, open channel arguments, blatant selfishness or the demonstration of a lack of understanding of the rules. Warnings are also possible when a member is negatively impacting the guild by their actions or attitude.

1st Strike: A verbal counseling from an officer.

2nd Strike: 10 Day probation, rank reduced to Member and all restrictions apply. Member must prove themselves within this 10 day period. At the end of the 10 days a vote will be held by the officers to determine whether the member will stay in the guild, or be removed. Rank MAY be restored to Raider or higher at the officer’s determination.

3rd Strike: Immediate deguilding. After 2 months you may reapply, and the leadership will then make a decision on an individual basis.

2.5- Any non-guilded member may submit a complaint by way of mail, or forum PM. Discretion is encouraged. Present facts, not feelings; all the factual information helps us determine the best course of action to help you.

2.6- Leave and Return policy:

Members who willfully remove themselves from the guild regardless of circumstances (see 1.15) cannot come back to Warcraftier until a cool down time of 1 month has passed. After the month, members may reapply pending a majority officer vote. The member will then follow the normal recruiting process. Rank and DKP are not restored.

*Members who are removed from the guild because of behavior must wait for a cooldown of 3 months and may then reapply through normal recruiting procedures pending a majority officer vote. Rank and DKP are not restored.
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