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Patch 6.2 Live (June 23, 2015)

by Rhadamanthys, 342 days ago

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The first major content patch of Warlords of Draenor is almost here!

    Hellfire Citadel - The Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle awaits!
    World Boss - Kazzak is back, this time with a new title: Supreme Lord Kazzak!
    New Zone - Tanaan Jungle is a Timeless Isle style experience, with rare spawns and treasures, as well as faction hubs, bosses, and reputations.
    Legendary Ring Questline - Khadgar is back, asking you to complete Naval Missions and collect items from Hellfire Citadel.
    Mythic Dungeons - Harder dungeons with a weekly lockout, 685 gear, and bonus rolls.
    Garrison Shipyard - Fewer followers and less micromanagement in this garrison mission iteration.
    Campaign Rewards - Open to anyone with a Level 3 garrison, this will unlock your Shipyard and Tanaan.
    New Factions - Less endless mob grinding and better rewards than the Patch 6.0 factions.
    New Mounts - Boars, Wolves, PvP mounts, Fel themed mounts, and others are all up for grabs.
    Currency Changes - A new Bonus Roll currency, new mission currency, and Apexis Crystal improvements.
    Bonus Events - Weekend events that give a boost and reward to certain activities.
    Timewalker Dungeons - Scale down and run old dungeons during the Bonus Event for 660 gear. Mechanar not included.
    PvP Updates - Ashran has been improved again and a new PvP season begins soon.
    Professions - Epic gems, new crafting upgrades, and gathering professions are useful again.
    Character Model Updates - Slight tweaks to running animations and eyebrows.
    Darker Nights - The northern half of Kalimdor has become a little bit darker at night.
    New Heirlooms - New Heirloom rings and trinkets are available, as well as a few more Lightforge pieces.
    Naval Hats - A patch that adds a Shipyard wouldn't be complete without some new Naval hats.
    Pepe Costumes - Pepe is a ninja, pirate, knight, and Viking in this patch.
    New Battle Pets - Tanaan Jungle has new pets, including some legendary pets to battle.

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