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Patch 6.1 Live This Week

by Rhadamanthys, 93 days ago

Patch 6.1 Live This Week
Patch 6.1 goes live this week, bringing us some systems changes and content. We will be updating this post as we wait for the patch to go live, so keep checking back!

New Blood Elf Models - The updated models are finally here!
New Character Model Tweaks - The Night Elf male run animation was finally changed.
Heirloom Tab - The Heirloom tab is finally here!
Heirloom Item Changes and Upgrades - Item upgrades are back for Heirlooms.
New Neck Heirlooms - The new neck slot heirlooms provide a heal on a 2 minute cooldown.
Heirloom Achievements and Mount - A new 60% mount usable from Level 1 and some achievements are part of the heirlooms update.
Heirloom Prices - Heirloom prices have been adjusted and some new heirlooms added.
Twitter Integration - Link a Twitter account and tweet selfies.
S.E.L.F.I.E - The most useful garrison mission reward: A selfie camera that can be upgraded to add filters.
Follower Changes - Harrison Jones, a new legendary follower, and more!
Mission Changes - Profession missions, Archaeology missions, BRF missions, and Relic Hunter missions are just some of the new missions added.
Garrison Resource Changes - Scavenger was nerfed, new items added to the vendor, and a new source of garrison resources were added.
Work Order / Building Changes - Faster work order completion, more useful buildings, and other quality of life changes.
Garrison UI Changes - The default UI has a few basic Master Plan features now.
Garrison Jukebox - The ability to change your garrison's music and another collection minigame all in one.
Misc Garrison Changes - Friends now have a reason to visit your garrison, including daily quest givers, platinum invasions, and raid bosses.
New Apexis Gear - If you have the crystals, the vendors have some item level 670 armor for you!
Profession Changes - Stage 4 crafted items, crafting spells that bypass the daily cooldown, and a Savage Blood transmute are a few of the changes.
Graphical Updates - Better SSAO, MSAA is back, SSAA has been added, and nicer lighting.
New Loading Screens - Garrisons finally get their own loading screens.
Veteran Accounts - Your characters under level 20 can log in and join your guild even without an active subscription.
New Toys - Along with the new toys, several items were flagged as toys so that they can be added to the Toy Box.
Mystic Runesaber Mount - The Mystic Runesaber ground mount will be purchased from the in-game shop.
Colorblind Support - Differentiating colors should be a little easier for those with colorblindness now.
Addons - As always, we need your help collecting data from in game by installing the WoWDB addon.

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Reminder: Log in to your alts after launch for rested XP!

by Rhadamanthys, 195 days ago

Forum Image

from WoW Insider
by Adam Koebel on Nov 12th 2014

The prospect of having multiple garrisons has made me eager to level up alts earlier than I would have in previous expansions. That means I'll want my alts earning rested XP as soon as possible. Rested XP isn't something that happens automatically when Blizzard flips the Warlords of Draenor switch tonight.

As with previous expansions, your characters will not start accruing rested XP until you log in with them post-launch. It can be an easy thing to forget when you're focused on getting your main to level 100, but it's definitely worth taking a moment to cycle through all of your alts. Just make sure they're parked in a city or inn. Don't go on vacation for a week and leave your character parked in the middle of Desolace like the author of this post.

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