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We here at Warcraftier believe in the following:

* Real Life >> World of Warcraft *
* Communication is key, lack of communication will always inevitably lead to drama. *
* WoW is a game, it should be FUN. *
* One should play one's best to respect the other members in raid that have made time to come to achieve goals together. *

Before you apply, please read through our guild's policies found here.

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Free Game Time Promotion (7 days)

by Rhadamanthys, 7 days ago

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Click this link to add 7 free days to your current or expired account:

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How to Queue for UBRS at 90

by Rhadamanthys, 16 days ago

    * You can't just zone into level 90 UBRS, because the instance portal is for a level 100 character - you have to use the LFD tool.
    * There's a bug that means you can't queue for UBRS via the LFD tool unless you meet the dungeon's ilevel requirement of 510.

So remember, when you're trying to run UBRS when the servers come back up, please keep these two facts in mind, as it will make your experience more pleasant. And also remember, this is new content tuned for ilevel 510 and up - if you've been steamrolling Mists of Pandaria dungeons for a while, those were tuned for much lower gear requirements. Maybe slow your roll a tiny bit until you get the feel of the place.

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