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Reminder: Log in to your alts after launch for rested XP!

by Rhadamanthys, 76 days ago

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from WoW Insider
by Adam Koebel on Nov 12th 2014

The prospect of having multiple garrisons has made me eager to level up alts earlier than I would have in previous expansions. That means I'll want my alts earning rested XP as soon as possible. Rested XP isn't something that happens automatically when Blizzard flips the Warlords of Draenor switch tonight.

As with previous expansions, your characters will not start accruing rested XP until you log in with them post-launch. It can be an easy thing to forget when you're focused on getting your main to level 100, but it's definitely worth taking a moment to cycle through all of your alts. Just make sure they're parked in a city or inn. Don't go on vacation for a week and leave your character parked in the middle of Desolace like the author of this post.

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Free Game Time Promotion (7 days)

by Rhadamanthys, 96 days ago

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Click this link to add 7 free days to your current or expired account:

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