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re: Section 4. – Raid and PvP Behavior and Regulations

Article 5. Raid and PvP Conduct

5.1- Off limits targets to Warcraftier members-

Opposite faction newbie zones and outer areas equivalent to Goldshire in the Elywnn forest.

Quest NPCs, Bankers or Auction house NPCs

5.2- If people have ideas on areas to raid (e.g. instances/raid/zones) please talk to the raid leaders to see when the area is being planned to be raided or if there are no plans to suggest that location for a raid.

5.3- Loot is decided fairly by the Raid Leader. Masterloot will be supervised by the Raid Leader participating.

Raid Loot Master Guidelines.

- Items no one wants will be DE'd or sold on AH after a hold time period of 3 weeks (coin to go to the Warcraftier Banker).

- All other gear is handled using our zero-sum DKP system

5.4- Mumble during raids is required.

5.5- All members must follow strategic commands of the Raid Leaders.

5.6- All Non-WC characters must adhere to the Warcraftier Article 5, to join in the raid.

5.7- All Non-WC characters aiding in raid are invited because of trust, class need, or potential recruiting.

5.8- Non-WC characters are subject to removal from raid at any time, this should be a last resort.

5.9- Non Warcraftier Raids or groups outside of official events, or not coordinated by a raid master are not subject to any Article 5 rules. Common sense and need before greed is encouraged conduct outside of Warcraftier groups.

5.10- Zero-SUM DKP

All raids Karazhan and later use a DKP system detailed in the Zero-Sum DKP document.

5.11- Timeliness and Preparation

Any raid utilizing Event signups... by signing up for a raid you are promising that you will show up at the designated time and be in place and ready to go. Its important to understand that being late to scheduled raids is setting back the time and effort of all other members.

Being late constitutes the loss of points for the first boss killed.

- If you have to be summoned to be on time, you are late.

- If you show up any time after you are considered late.

- You can lose your spot if you show up late to the raid.

- If you indicate that you will attend (or not indicate that you won't attend) and don't show up, you are considered late, and any additional penalties the Raid Master may decide apply.

- If you go link dead for more then 15 minutes, you can lose your spot to another member.

- You are not considered late if you take up the place of a late raid member, or someone who went LD or had to leave the raid.

5.12- Alts and Raiding

- The character you consider to be your main should be a member of the guild.

- Your alts can run with other guilds if you are in overpopulated class with scheduled days for raiding.

- If you are asked to step in for someone that has to miss their scheduled run and are a critical class (healer, tank, CC, debuff), we ask that you come to the run if it cannot proceed without you. Every reasonable attempt to find a replacement will be made.

- If you feel you must run with your alts guild, in spite of our need, you will be demoted from raiding immediately, and your status will be reviewed by a conclave of the officers.

5.13- Out of Guild Raiders

Are treated as members for all intents and purposes while on a raid. OOG are only included in the raid at the specific request of the raid lead.
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